This website is dedicated to an extubation pathway composed by Dr. Houman Khosravani (Clinical Associate) and Dr. John Fuller (Professor, ICU and Anesthesia Consultant), Division of Critical Care Medicine, Western University located in London, Ontario, Canada.

We are grateful for the input received from members of the CCTC (Critical Care Trauma Centre) Clinical Practice Committee including Dr. Ron Butler, Dr. Robert Arntfield, Dr. Claudio Martin, Denise Geroux (ICU Charge RN), Kevin Tiggeloven (Coordinator, Respiratory Therapy, CCTC), Belinda Gougoulias (Coordinator, Respiratory Therapy, MSICU).

In addition, we would like to thank Dr. Michael Sharpe and Dr. David Leasa for their insightful comments and additions to the protocol.

This protocol is approved and being roll-out at Victoria Hospital's CCTC and University Hospital's MSICU and CSRU. If you are viewing this protocol at a different institution than London Health Sciences or have questions or comments about the protocol please feel free to us at extubate@ecriticalcare.org . Similarly, we would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in implementing this or a version of this protocol at your local ICU/institution.

Please also checkout our Intubation checklist

The views, opinions, medical information expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect that of the individuals listed or the institution. This protocol is designed and limited for local use at LHSC/CCTC and within approved boundaries set by the leadership at our ICUs and implemented via our local healthcare professionals. None of the individuals listed nor the institution takes any responsibility for implementation, extension, use, or further interpretation beyond this aforementioned context. We have no financial or other conflicts of interest. In addition, information listed, obtained, disseminated, or referenced here is never to be used as a substitute for expert medical opinion or decision-making.